DATE: November 4th, 2023 4th WRHL Event
Time Home Team Score Away Team Score  
1:00pm Cypress   She Devils    
1:15pm Virginia Heat   Maidens of Mayhem    
1:30pm Puck Bunnies   Chicks With Sticks    
1:45pm Cypress   Virginia Heat    
2:00pm Puck Bunnies   She Devils    
2:15pm Chicks with Sticks   Maidens of Mayhem    
2:30pm Virginia Heat   Puck Bunnies    
2:45pm Cypress   Chicks With Sticks    
3:00pm Maidens of Mayhem   She Devils    
3:15pm 5th   6th   D-II
3:30pm 2nd   3rd   D-1
3:45pm 4th   5th reseed   D-II Championship
4:00pm 1st   2nd reseed   D-1 Championship